Chargers News · Spring Sport Wrap-up (2019)

Congratulations to all our Spring Sport Team’s for their time and dedication to KML Athletics.  Listed below are those athletes that earned additional recognition for their efforts this season.  To God be the glory!

Scholar Athlete Master of Sport Award
A ‘Master of Sport’ is awarded given to a student athlete who has successfully completed four (4) years of participation in a sport.
Baseball: Daniel Cain, Joshua Hennen, Caleb Martens, Jared Metz, Jacob Stanossek, Benjamin Washburn
Golf: Dylan Brazell, John Depies, Thomas Haeuser, Nicholas Kraus, Jacob Schmandt, Spencer Strupp
Soccer: Taylor Guell, Jayden Koehler, Megan Sina, Abigail Washburn, Melinda Weber, Erica Zeamer
Softball: Andrea Busalacchi, Kyra Herman, Jamie Maas, Kaitlyn Scherf, Savannah Zarling
Track: Emily Gliniecki, Ariana Miller, Jason Rose

Versatile Athlete Award
A ‘Versatile Athlete Award’ is awarded given to a student athlete who has successfully earned three (3) varsity letters in a given school year.

Daniel Cain – Football, Basketball, Baseball
Jamie Maas – Cross Country, Basketball, Softball
Ariana Miller – Volleyball, Basketball, Track
Emma Pagel – Football Cheer, Basketball Cheer, Track
Jacob Stoltz – Football, Basketball, Baseball
Elizabeth Truckenbrod – Volleyball, Basketball, Track
Peyton Weber – Cross Country, Basketball Cheer, Track
Faith Zuleger – Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer

Scholar Athlete
Baseball: Joshua Hennen
Golf: Collin Cerny 
Soccer: Erica Zeamer
Softball: Jamie Maas
Track: Branden Ulm, Peyton Weber

East Central Conference Honors

1st-Team All-Conference: Caleb Martens, Joshua Sina
2nd-Team All-Conference: Jacob Stanossek, Benjamin Washburn


2nd-Team All-Conference: Ethan Draeger, Nicholas Kraus


1st-Team All-Conference: Maya Bell, Meghan Von Behren
2nd-Team All-Conference: Megan Sina, Abigail Washburn
All-Conference Honorable Mention: Melinda Weber, Faith Zuleger


1st-Team All-Conference: Sophia Heckendorf 
2nd-Team All-Conference: Jordyn Heckendorf, Kaitlyn Scherf, Brooke Voigt
All-Conference Honorable Mention: Kyra Herman

Special Team Awards


MVP: Daniel Cain, Joshua Hennen
Most Outstanding Hitter: Daniel Cain
Most Outstanding Pitcher: Jacob Stanossek
Golden Glove Award: Joshua Hennen, Dylan Loduha, Jared Metz, Benjamin Washburn
Coaches’ Award: Josuha Hennen


MVP: Nicholas Kraus
Charger Award: Collin Cerny


MVP: Abigail Washburn
Defensive Player of the Year: Meghan Von Behren
Offensive Player of the Year: Maya Bell


MVP: Kaitlyn Scherf
Charger Award: Jamie Maas


MVP: Logan Measner, Peyton Weber
Coaches’ Choice: Alexis Cramer, Jason Rose

Post-Season Media Awards
as of June 18, 2019


WBCA All-Star Classic Team: Daniel Cain

Boys Golf:

GCAW Academic-All State Honoree: Ethan Draeger


WFSCA All-Star Classic Team: Kaitlyn Scherf