Chargers News · KML Releases Facilities and Activity Kickstart Plan

KML is excited to share our plan for progressively opening our campus! We encourage you to read through the KML Facilities and Activity Kickstart Plan.

The KML Kickstart Plan Addresses:

  1. How will we safely open our campus?
  2. When will we open our outdoor/indoor facilities for use?
  3. What is expected of any leader hosting an event or activity on our campus?
  4. What is required of any participant of a KML sponsored event/activity?
  5. FAQ’s about the execution of the plan.

As a supplement to the Kickstart Plan, KML will also be:

  1. Requiring ANY leader who is hosting an event or activity on campus to submit a KML Event/Activity – Health and Safety Plan which will be intended to speak to the given event/activity in a more detailed manner. This Event/Activity Health and Safety Plan will serve as a supplement to the Kickstart Plan and will be made available to the general public as well.
  2. Requiring any participants (or their legal guardians) of a KML sponsored event (Junior Chargers, E3 Summer Camp, etc.) to complete the KML Event/Activity – Participation Consent Form.

Questions about the KML Kickstart Plan? Contact KML Activities Director, Mr. Joe Greefkes (