Chargers News · UW-Madison COVID Study Concludes H.S. Athletics Has Not Lead to Increased Infections

Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School participated in a comprehensive study conducted by the University of Wisconsin- School of Medicine and Public Health. The medical team’s findings represent a sampling of 207 WI schools that participated in FALL sports, which includes 30,000 total WI student-athletes. This group participated in 16,000 total practices and 4,000 competitive events in the month of September alone. The study concluded that participation in high school sports in Wisconsin has not led to an increase in COVID-19 infections among high school student-athletes. Other major findings note that no high school athletes were hospitalized or died from COVID-19, and furthermore, a found  incident rate of 0.000320 per student-athlete/per day.

The UW survey also addressed a link between a reduction in state-wide activity levels and increased depression amongst youth. The study “found that physical activity levels had dropped by 50% during the pandemic, and symptoms of depression had increased dramatically. Prior to 2020, less than 10% of Wisconsin athletes reported moderate to severe symptoms of depression. Following the widespread cancelation of school and spring sports due to COVID-19, this number had risen to 33%. In the full nationwide sample, 38% of adolescent athletes reported moderate to severe depression and 35% reported moderate to severe anxiety.”  The preceding information serves as evidence to support the case to continue an allowance for activity participation at KML, and in the great state of Wisconsin!

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