Athletic Paperwork

Students participating in athletics are required to have the following forms on file with the Athletic Department: a current “WIAA Physical” form, a signed “Participation Consent” form, the “Parent & Athlete Concussion Agreement” form, and an “Athletic Trainer Authorization” form. All forms should be on file at KML no later than August 1. Original/Hard Copies of the forms are required; forms may be mailed or dropped off in the main office. These forms will be included in our early May mailing. For additional copies of these forms, please download them below or stop in the main office of the school to request them. Make your appointment for a physical as soon as possible after April 1. Athletes will not be able to try out or practice for a team without the required paperwork on file.

Please contact Amy Nass with any questions at or 262-677-4051 x1103.

WIAA Physical Form (green)
– Incoming Freshmen and Juniors typically need this form
– It needs to be signed by the doctor
– The rest needs to be completely filled in by the parent and signed

Option for Walk-In Sports Physicals – Meijer’s, West Bend

WIAA Alternate Year Physical Form (orange)
– Sophomores and Seniors typically need this form
– It needs to filled out completely and signed by the parent

WIAA Physical Extension Form (ONLY for 2020-2021)
– A student 1) whose physical examination was completed (as of April 1, 2018), 2) whose physical is on file with the school, and 3) whose local primary care physician is unable to provide a new physical, must submit this form to the school. This health history update questionnaire must be completed and signed by the student’s parent or guardian for review by the school athletic director and/or school nurse. Any student who does not have an existing physical on file with the school will require a physical with their primary care physician before participating in practice and competition.
– Incoming Freshmen must submit a current physical form (as of April 1, 2019), the Extension Form is not applicable.

Athletic Trainer Authorization Form (white)
The first section of the AT Authorization form grants the AT permission to discuss injuries or medical conditions with the student athlete’s coach, identified school personnel, or other health care providers only as appropriate and necessary. Examples would be diagnosis and practice or game level participation with the coach, school administrator or nurse for academic modifications for a concussion, or to contact other health care providers as appropriate and necessary for the athletic trainer to discuss or provide care.

The second section of this form is required to be completed has four (4) yes/no check box statements.These check boxes allow parents/guardians to grant or decline specific actions of the AT.

– It is needed by all students participating in athletics
– It needs to be read by both athlete(s) and parent
– It needs the parent and student(s) signature(s) and dates

Participation Consent 2020-2021 Form (blue)
WIAA Rules of Eligibility   for your reference only
– It is needed by all students participating in athletics on a yearly basis
– It needs to be read by both athlete(s) and parent
– It needs the parent and student(s) signature(s) and dates
– The top part is to be kept by the parent
– Cut off bottom part and submit to the Athletic Office by August

Parent & Athlete Concussion Agreement Form (yellow)
– It is needed by all students participating in athletics on a yearly basis
– It needs to be read by athlete and parent
– It needs the parent and student signature and dates

Concussion Requirements – Wisconsin Concussion Law Act 172 – Statute 118.293
The law requires all youth athletic organizations to educate coaches,athletes and parents on the risks of concussions and head injuries and prohibits participation in a youth activity until the athlete and parent or guardian has returned a signed agreement sheet indicating they have reviewed the concussion and head injury informational materials. The law requires immediate removal of an individual from a youth athletic activity if symptoms indicate a possible concussion has been sustained. A person who has been removed from a youth athletic activity because of a determined or suspected concussion or head injury, may not participate again until he or she is evaluated by a health care provider and receives written clearance from the health care provider to return to the activity. No person may participate in a youth athletic activity unless the person returns the agreement signed by the person and, if he or she is under the age of 19, by his or her parent or guardian.

For more information, visit WIAA’s Concussion Information website.

Transportation Release Form

Letter Jacket Order Form

Uniform Request Form (for Class of 2021)
For Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer – please contact your head coach directly to coordinate obtaining your uniform.